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Watch This Now: Young the Giant – “Apartment”

“I hit the sidewalk, and this is how it starts….”

Young the Giant‘s relationship with singles thus far has been anachronistic and weird. 2011 saw the band have a huge radio hit in Cough Syrup – a song they’ve had since 2008, when they were known as The Jakes. They’ve now followed that up with Apartment, a song that was not only already a single back in 2010, but already had a video made for its UK release. Exactly why they’ve gone this route is anyone’s guess, but if it means they keep putting out videos that are as good as this, they can release music from their first cassette demo for all I care.

A birthday is being celebrated here, with some friends waking up a mate before dragging him outside to a van full of his bestfriends as they go to take a roadtrip. The driving and location sequences are beautifully shot, using a mix of HD and click-and-shoot camera work to bring a somewhat old-fashioned feel to these parts of the video. Interspersed with this is footage of vocalist Sameer Gadhia, lying down in the dirt and apathetically miming along to the lyrics. It presents a great contrast from the blissful endless-summer vibe that the other footage gives, and will leave you guess up until near the end exactly how the two are connected. You’re probably thinking that it’s going to end badly, but I can assure that, without any spoilers, it’s a happy ending. Well, I think so at least.

Watch This Now: Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

“I think I need a ginger ale, that was such an epic fail…”

So, in the week that I was burying myself in work and gigs and writing and all that shit, a pretty big party went down. Katy Perry told me about in on Twitter – you know Katy, right? She featured pretty prominently in my top 30 videos of 2010, and she hangs out with cool people like Kanye West. What Katy neglected to tell me, however, is that she has a younger cousin – a sweet little dork by the name of Kathy Beth Terry. Kathy is 13 and likes Weenie Babies and science fairs, but apparently also has a bit of a wildside. In this eight-minute spectacular, you shall bear witness to the party of the year.

How big is this party? DUDE! Some of the guys from Glee are there! The Hanson brothers are there! Friend of the blog Rebecca Black is there! Kenny G is there! Kenny fucking G! Does it get any better than that? Ohhh, Kathy, you sure know how to party. Some of the shit that goes down in Last Friday Night is simply ridiculous – this is a video that has to be seen to be believed. The competition for the best video of the year hasn’t so much heated up as turned into a sizzling inferno, and I blame Kathy! You’ve given your cousin Katy what is potentially her best video from Teenage Dream – and that is some fucking TIGHT competition, girl. Holy cow. Anyway, chekkit if you haven’t already. Getting down on Friday will never be the same again.


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