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Old Favourites: Wavves – “Post Acid”

“Misery, will you comfort me? In my time of need, will you understannd?’

Fresh off the news that your favourite slacker and mine, Nathan Williams – aka Wavves - is coming back to Australia to tour as part of the Groovin’ the Moo festival, I figured I might as well throw in a quick reminisce of his last LP, the awesome King of the Beach. What you’re about to watch was the lead single from that record, and saw Williams and his then-rhythm section going through yet another boring day of hanging out and skating in the backyard… that is, of course, until a freaking alien turns up.

What do you do when extra-terrestrial life gets in contact? Easy? You skate with it, get it wasted and let it jam with your band. I assumed that’s what everyone would do were they to encounter such a creature. This bright and fun clip basically sums up everything that’s fun and enjoyable about Wavves as a musical experience. I know where I’ll be when Wavves crash into town this May – stagediving my arse off, and hopefully not getting kicked out by security.


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