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Watch This Now: The Stuff We Might Have Missed… Part One

Hiya, folks! So, you may have notice we’ve been a little lax on the updates. I’ve been ridiculously busy with other projects that I’ve barely had time for Y,WGAV! Don’t worry, honey, it’s not you – it’s me! Thankfully, we’re back as of tomorrow. But, before we tell you THOSE stories, we have to tell you THESE stories. Here are some of the best videos that have dropped in our absence. And there might be a few more yet to come!


Major Lazer feat. Peaches & Timberlee – Scare Me

Awaken the Major! Following on from their fantastic Eric Wareheim-helmed video for Bubble Butt, the futurista warriors bring their mascot to life in potentially the most awesome way possible – that’s right, kids, this is not a drill. That’s Terry Crews as the Major himself! Hell yeah! Throw in the wonderful Blake Anderson and Nick Kroll to round out an already-awesome cast; matching the high-speed romp to an already-bounding track. 

Anika – In the City

Okay, so I know absolutely nothing about this band; where they’ve come from, what they’re doing or even if this is from an album or an EP. Truth be told, I can’t even remember how I was linked to this. All I know is that this is one of the most ridiculously watchable videos of the year. Couldn’t tell you what was going on for the life of me – essentially, I’m like Donkey after watching the DuLoc tourism puppet show in the first Shrek movie. “Wow… let’s do that again!”

Just Blaze and Baauer feat. Jay-Z – Higher

Here’s one out of left-field – an absolute banger from the power trio of Just Blaze, Jay-Z and the one-shake wonder himself, Baauer; set to one of the year’s darkest and most confronting videos. Described as a “short film,” we’re taken into the jungle and into a dangerous, sinister underbelly in which children begin playing with fire; not realising how burnt they will soon become. Pristine cinematography and some genuinely chilling moments. Stellar.

Josh Pyke – Warm in Winter

The reliably-lovely Pykey has given us some very sweet videos over the years, particularly from his second studio album Chimney’s Afire which sported the distant dreaming of The Summer and the motherfuckin’ guitar boat of Make You Happy. Here, JP soundtracks a blossoming friendship between a homeless girl and a homeless… wolfman? It’s got a human body and a cartoon wolf head. You do the maths on that one. They don’t say a word between them, but the way it plays out says it all.

Avril Lavigne – Rock & Roll

Damn you to Hell, Chris Marrs Piliero! This guys has to be the best pop video director around – he’s managed to not only elevate average songs into flat-out awesome ones with his clips (see: Britney Spears‘ I Wanna Go); but he also manages to make clips that make allies out of former Y,WGAV! enemies (see: Ke$ha‘s brilliant video for Blow). This time around, he’s giving the treatment to longtime frenemy of the blog Avril Lavigne, throwing her into a Tank Girl-esque action parody that borrows from MCR, GnR and plenty of other three-letter acronyms. Like RnR! Heh? See what I did there?

TV on the Radio – Million Miles

Here’s a blissful and serene clip from one of my all-time favourite bands, getting back to nature in the most endorphin-releasing sort of way. A gardening show filming goes awry, leaving one of the hosts to go Kanye on the whole thing as they go off-script and head to the soapbox. When the host is removed, she decides to bring the entire crew along with her for the ride. Weird and wonderful, the exact kind of concoction that has made this band one of my most beloved over the past few years or so.

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

This. Shit. RULES.


More later today!

FEATURED FRIDAYS: My Favourite Video – Wolf & Cub

Joel Byrne is the lead vocalist and guitarist of
Adelaide-based pyschedelic rock band
Wolf and Cub.

His favourite video is She Said by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

I love JSBX. Push comes to shove, I think they’re my number one. This clip isn’t especially amazing, but it’s decent – real decent – and I’ll stop whatever I’m doing at the time to watch it, because I love the JSBX and anything and everything that they do speaks to me.

It’s funny because, The Black Keys are one of the biggest bands in the world at the moment, and it distresses and confuses me that the JSBX aren’t just as big. Perhaps my love of the JSBX is making me ignorant. In that case, then, ignorance is bliss.

Wolf and Cub‘s new double A-side single, See the Light/All Through the Night, is available now via Bandcamp.

The band will play three shows in Adelaide, Melboure and Sydney this March and April. For details, head to the event page.

Watch This Now: The Vasco Era – “Child Bearing Hips”

This one nearly slipped my radar completely, I’ve gotta be honest – that is, until their national tour with Papa vs. Pretty was announced last Friday. How exciting! Two of Australia’s best live bands rocking it up around the country. Having seen our boys The Vasco Era tear it up at both Goodgod Small Club and the Changing Lanes festival over the past month or two, I can vouch for their wild and exciting live show. They’ve also got a clever idea or two for their clips, and that’s where Child Bearing Hips comes into play.

At first, the contrast of the thudding rock drive of the song mixed with a girl letting her hair fly out of the car window in slow motion feels quite peculiar – where is it going, you’re bound to wonder? That opening sequence, however, is incredibly arresting and subsequently mesmerising – and it leads into a gorgeously shot tale of starcrossed lovers. I’m not entirely sure if the two main characters are Lucille and Sam, from the band’s last studio album Lucille, but whoever they are, they sure know how to speak volumes without actually saying a word. Watch this one right to the end, it’s very much worth it. Oh, and don’t forget to see the boys on tour next month!

Old Favourites: Van Halen – “Hot for Teacher”

“I think of all the education that I missed…”

The 80s is a fucking insane era of videos. Truth be told, I’d barely know where to start if I was to rattle off my favourite videos from this period – there’s some brilliant defining moments of pop culture locked into that era, from the epic Thriller to the unforgettable (for  different reason) Never Gonna Give You Up. One thing’s for sure, though – there is no way said hypothetical list would go past this deadset classic from Van Halen, where school couldn’t be cooler and the teachers couldn’t be hotter.

Let’s go back to 1984. David Lee Roth is an international sex symbol, Eddie Van Halen is the reigning guitar god and they’ve unleashed the mammoth 1984 album. How do you truly hit a home run when shit is this good? Simple: Create a defining video of both your genre and your decade. Join sweet little Waldo on his escapades back to school, as the new teachers parade about like super-models, mini-DLR rules the classroom and the real EVH does a motherfucking guitar solo while walking on top of the library tables. It’s cheesy as hell, and its legend was slightly tarnished when scenecore fucks Escape the Fate tried to copy it. But it’s a video that has stuck with me for years since I first saw it, and never fails to capture my imagination. CLASS DISMISSED!


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