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Watch This Now: Dead Letter Chorus – “Yellow House”

“Are you looking, looking for someone to hold onto?”

If you’re in Australia, you might have noticed it’s been a little frickin’ cold recently. Windy, too. Miserable weather all round. With that in mind, I’d like to bring a little bit of brightness and light back into your life. How? Simple: With the gorgeous new video from Sydneysiders Dead Letter Chorus, who are all but a month away from releasing their sophomore album Yearlings and have given us another taste of what’s to come – that being big singalongs, chirpy chord progressions and a whole lotta radiant sunshine!

Footage of the band playing their little ditty in their little yellow house (geddit?) is interspersed with cutesy footage of Gaby Huber and Cameron PottsĀ  strolling through fields and holding hands and all that kinda stuff. It’s just the sweetest. The cinematography here is just gorgeous, too, with a strong emphasis on the brightness and the shininess of the band’s surroundings. It’s as if you’re there on that warm summer’s day with them, singing along to that ridiculously catchy chorus. If you’re down in the dumps, I can guarantee that you’re just going to LOVE this video. And if you’re in a good mood, this will make you feel even better! Yay!


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